Elijah "Bear" Diaz
3 Long Years Later:
Saturday, August 29, 2015...

That was the last day 20-year old Elijah "Bear" Diaz was seen by his family.  We need your help to bring him home.  Please contact us through one of the links listed below if you have any information about Bear's disappearance, no matter how insignificant you believe that piece of information may be.  
Thank you.
It is hard to believe we have reached the 1+ year mark. How can anyone just fall off the face of the earth in this technological society? August 29th 2015 was the last time I saw my son, Bear Diaz, he had just turned 20 years old, only 10 days before. I dropped him off at his home in El Cajon, CA at 10:30 pm. He texted me at 11:19 pm and was never heard from again. Bear was a Type 1 Diabetic, his health was poor, he only weighed 110 pounds. At the time of his disappearance, Bear was unable to walk or drive due to wounds on his feet from neuropathy. Someone took Bear from his home. I believe it was a horrific scene. And quite honestly feel we were not taken seriously by local officials early on… But, I will not go on about that at this time.

Bear was a young man with a very big heart, he opened his door to anyone he thought he could help. Eventually the people in and out of his home were beyond his control. Whoever took Bear that night, knew the house, knew our routine, and waited for me to leave. The timeline is only 1-1/2 hours that is unaccounted for. Bears comforter and sheets, as well as his 55” TV, crutches and backpack are all that were missing. Bear did not leave willingly, he was taken. We will continue to search; we will not stop till he is found.  

If you have any information, please contact Crime Stoppers with the link on this page. It is anonymous, toll free and there is a reward offered.

Please continue to spread the word, 
and pray that the truth is revealed...
                                            LeLanie Thompson
To report an anonymous tip through 
San Diego Crimestoppers, contact:
Phone:  888-580-8477 
$1,000 reward offered for 
information that leads to an arrest.

To contact our search team directly, 
please send an email to:

"Every Mother's Son"
Season 8 Episode 5
TV series "Disappeared" on Investigation Discovery (ID)
first aired Sunday, April 23, 2017.
This episode still airs occasionally on 
ID TV or is available for a small 
fee on their website.

Story of ELIJAH "BEAR" DIAZ and SKYLAR TOSIC: Missing Since 2015 from El Cajon, Calif. Twenty-year old Elijah "Bear" Diaz belongs to the Barona Tribe of Native Americans in southern California. He has diabetes and, in the weeks prior to his disappearance, had been suffering from acute side effects of the illness, leaving him weak, immobile and vulnerable. When Bear vanishes from his home in the middle of the night along with his TV, backpack and some cash, investigators are concerned that he might be the victim of foul play.
Then 20-year old Skylar Tosic disappears the very next day, leaving family and friends of both young men hunting for answers while questioning: could the two cases be linked?

Post Show Comment:  Thank you all for watching the Disappeared show featuring Elijah Bear Diaz.  Over 8,500 people have viewed our website during the two week timeframe  since the first airing of that episode.  We welcome your thoughts and comments on what you think may have happened that night.  

Thank You,
Bear's Mom